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Spine, Amor Fati, Strength & Kindness and Peace & Love – Efva Attling tells us more about her thoughts behind the new pieces of jewellery this season.
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This fall, jewellery is all about strong messages. Like Spine, a powerful collection, now extended with more pieces.

“I created the first pieces in the Spine Collection, years ago”, says Efva. “Back then, the collection consisted of a necklace and a bracelet in silver. The idea was born from the expression: ‘To have spine’ – to stand up for something, someone or yourself. To be a trustable person who keeps her word and who fights for what’s important.”

The bracelet is made as a backbone, with articulated parts in different sizes made of silver. “Like the vertebrae in our spine”, Efva explains. “Marcus Ericsson, the former Formula 1 driver, who now runs Indycar, wears it every day as a lucky charm. The bracelet is really smooth and flexible and comfortable to wear, even if you’re not used to using jewellery on a daily basis.”

Vertebrae in silver

In addition to Spin Bracelet and Spine Necklace, both earrings, rings and a thinner bracelet is now available in the same collection. “In fact, many people have asked for a thinner version of the Spine Bracelet. Mostly women, but also guys. So, for this fall, I decided to make an updated version”, Efva says. “I always wear my new designs before they reach the stores, including Slim Spine Bracelet.

With this one, I even slept with it. It follows the movements of your wrist so well, you hardly notice wearing it.”

Also, the other two new pieces in the Spine Collection are made of “vertebrae” in silver. “I think the earrings are real statement pieces”, Efva continues. “At first, you’ll only see a beautiful shape. But when you look closer, you’ll see what the parts are symbolizing.”

Peace, strength and love

Another classic collection that has been extended this season is Amor Fati, ‘the love for our destiny’ in Latin. “This is one of my favourite expressions”, Efva says. You’ve got one life, and it’s up to you what you choose to do with it. No one else can fix it. It’s an important message, I think, to young people as well.”

Among the fall news, there are some brand-new collections. Like Strength & Kindness, a collection consisting of bracelets, earrings and necklaces in silver. “Just like Pippi Longstocking says, ‘it’s important to be kind if you're strong’”, Efva says. “The words ‘Strength’ and ‘Kindness’ are stamped in the silver. And the metal is twisted, so you can see both messages at the same time.”

The Peace & Love Collection is also new this season. “Peace on earth is and will always be my primary wish. Especially in times like this, when we live in such a troubled world. But the message can also be read as making peace with yourself, and accept who you are”, Efva concludes.

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