The story behind “The Whistle”

“Gullan Bornemark came to me with the idea that I would design a stylish whistle, like a piece of jewellery. Something you could actually use and feel safe with, a dark evening in the park on the way home”, says Efva. Read about the thought behind the whistle – from idea to reality.
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Back in the days ...

Almost 25 years ago, Efva was at the beginning of her design career as a silver- and goldsmith. One day, when Efva was in her atelier working at Södermalm in Stockholm, she got a call. The voice sounded familiar. The woman introduced herself as Gullan Bornemark. A Swedish composer, well-known for her famous children’s songs that Efva grew up with.

Gullan had an idea, she wanted Efva to design a stylish whistle, like a piece of jewellery that you can actually use to both attract attention and feel safe with. But by that time, Efva was busy with other plans, so she thankfully turned down the good idea and continued working with her other projects.

Later on ...

Time went by, and it would take until the winter of 2020 for the thought of the whistle to reach Efvas mind again. She was on vacation right before the Corona pandemic, which means less stress and more time to reflect which brings back old memories, thoughts and ideas to life. ”Things you haven’t thought of for a long time suddenly came to mind so I suddenly remembered Gullans idea about designing a whistle in silver” Efva says. Now, the idea felt right in time, so she contacted Gullan.

Gullan still stood by her idea, which brought Efva to her atelier where she designed their whistle in silver.

She decorated the whistle with a star, which in addition for being a beautiful detail, has a thought behind it. Efva explains: “I love stars, and I think everyone is a star, everyone in their own way.”

It’s with pride that we launch our Whistle pendant, to give away to a star or to yourself. Efva continues: “The idea is brilliant since it has a function. That the jewellery also works as protection if you e.g. walk through a dark park and gets harassed, then you can use the whistle for attention. Thank you Gullan for your brilliant idea … xxx!”

The Whistle


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