The rare & real Herkimer Diamond

Have you heard of the unlikely treasure, the Herkimer Diamond? The Herkimer Diamond, which is not actually a diamond, has fascinated man for hundreds of years. Take part of the story of Renee, the world's only female mine owner, and her magical gems.
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  2. The rare & real Herkimer Diamond

The Herkimer Diamonds are over 500 million years old and are only to be found by the Mohawk River in Herkimer County upstate New York. Here lived the Mohawk Indians where they accidentally found the diamond, which is actually a quartz crystal. Since it has two points and 18 facets, regardless of size, it was seen as magical.

By the Mohawk River, you find the Herkimer Diamond Mines KOA Resort, owned by Renee Shevan - the only female miner in the world. The resort is open to the public and receives visitors from all over the world who hope to find the rare crystal themselves.

The year of 2015, Efva visited Renee and the mines herself and got the chance to see the process with her own eyes. Every stone is unique and lay loose in the rock and comes polished with 18 facets and two points right out of the ground. Each "diamond" is unique and encased in rock material that is almost at ground level – a true natural wonder.

We’ve gotten the chance to interview Renee about the mines, the national interest and the magic behind the Herkimer.

From “retirement hobby” to international awareness

How come you and your family purchased the Herkimer Diamond KOA Resort?
My mother and father purchased the mines in 1979 as a “retirement hobby”. They did not know the international awareness and intrigue that the Herkimer Diamond had. They called me in to "help" them for one year, which turned into a lifelong passion.

What is unique about the Herkimer Diamonds? And why do you think people are so fascinated by them?
It is the oldest (500 million years old), clearest, hardest (7.5 on Mohs scale) quartz crystal in the world. It is the only crystal that Mother Nature has already faceted with 18 faces and 2 points. It’s a single source mine found only in Herkimer County, NY.

Can you explain the process from finding the diamonds to holding it in your hand?
The material is found in dolomite limestone rock. The mining procedure is picking and axe mining. The material is found in “vugs” - holes in dolomite rock and are simply cleaned off with water.

What is the best thing about your work?
We have an international footprint. The Herkimer Diamond has become an international fascination and is used for collection, jewellery, commodities and research. We are also “mine to market” and I’m endeared to every stage of the process.

Do you get a lot of calls from designers that want to work with you?
We have over 100 designers from many countries who have been working with us for years. One of our special designers is Efva because of her simplistic and purposeful work.

When Efva visited you several years ago, you were the only female mine owner in the world. Do you know if that still is the case? How do you feel about being the only (or one of few) female mine owners?
I believe that is still the case. Herkimer's help celebrate the independence of every woman so it is a remarkable feeling in that I’m able to share some of Mother Nature’s bounty with women and that this bounty is special, unique and considered a treasure with sensitive and sensible price points.

It has become more and more popular with stones and crystals, and some people even believe they are magical. Does the Herkimer have special attributes, a meaning?
The Herkimer Diamond is used to deflect negative energy, it is a preeminent healing crystal. They dispel energy and provide energy. Herkimer clear the chatter in your mind to gain clarity. They empower your dreams because your mind has that clarity.

Natural crystals have been powerful and have been used to alter the flow and energy in the physical world. When scientists apply pressure to crystals, specific forms of energy are created. Therefore, scientifically, the power in the crystal is proven. Metaphysically and historically, many people have employed crystals for healing, protection and ritual purposes.

Whether one believes in the scientific and/or spiritual energy sources, the Herkimer Diamond is a natural wonder and will extraordinarily energize your life. Energy, inspiration, joy, dream empowerment and balance are all words attributed to the Herkimer.

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