Presenting: The FW21 Collection

Our fall collection is here – learn more about Efvas personal favorites and her thoughts behind her new designs.
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Efva finds inspiration in almost everything she sees, does and experiences – she calls herself an “everyday spy”. “I’m always looking for inspiration. It can be from music I listen to, or architecture I find fascinating,” says Efva. “I definitely get inspired by fashion, but maybe even more by people.”

This fall collection comes with four brand-new collections, and several additions to previous one’s. One of Efva's personal favourites among our fall news is the large silver ring Soulmate. “When I designed 'Soulmate', I used a new way of working: I made the shape with modelling clay. The whole ring is in solid silver, heavy but soft at the same time” says Efva.

Sparkling diamonds & strong messages

Among the new collections is “Starline”, which consists of a pair of earrings, a ring, and a necklace. The collection is also one of Efva's new favourites, because of its subtle and minimalistic way of bringing a real wow factor to your outfit.

New for the season is also “Friendship”, a silver collection that with the message “Together, we need each other” reminds you of the people that you hold close. “The message can mean the meeting between people, but also animals – a friendship that brings colour to your life,” says Efva.

For those who like gold, diamonds and colour stones, the new ring collection “Beautiful Dreamer” will probably be a new favourite. If you have a hard time deciding your colour combination – listen to Efva: “There are many wonderful colours to choose from, but if you want a classic feel, you should go with the clear crystal rock.”

The message can mean the meeting between people, but also animals – a friendship that brings colour to your life. EFVA ATTLING

Colourful Bend over pieces & Charms

The famous collection “Bend over” with its cocktail rings is enriched with three necklaces and a ring with a new colour combination. “The Bend Over ring was my first jewel, with an Aquamarine in white gold and diamonds,” says Efva. “Since then I’ve made the gem both bigger and added more colour choices to the collection. The new ring in red gold with the green stone ‘green quartz’ is smashing!”

The classic “101 days” collection is also being extended, with nothing less than the must-have for this season – hoops. But unlike our other hoops, these come with a twist. Efva explains: “I’ve been waiting for many years for the inspiration for a piece of jewellery with charms. Now everything fell into place with hoops in silver and gold. You can mix silver and gold, diamonds or pearls – the options are endless. Earrings that easily can be changed based on your mood and occasion. I like to play around and mix the charms, ‘the sky is the limit!’”