Made to order – handmade jewellery from our atelier

Some of our jewellery is made to order, what does it mean?
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What is meant by MTO?
Made-to-order items are our more exclusive cocktail rings and necklaces as well as all rings from our wedding range, which are only created when ordered. These pieces of jewellery are made in our atelier in Stockholm by our experienced gold and silversmiths. Depending on the piece, it is either made entirely from scratch, or assembled from several different ready-made parts. Our engagement and wedding rings are atelier-made in Stockholm.

What does the process look like?
When your order is registered, several processes start. The first thing that happens is that we secure the materials needed for the work, the right stones and diamonds, for example. Then our goldsmiths take over and proceeds the process in the atelier.

Before delivery of the finished piece, a thorough quality control is carried out where we double check that everything corresponds with your order, like size and engraving. If the product is a ring with stones, the settings and stones as well as the surface, are checked so that it is free from, for example, scratches and stains.

Do you want to know more about how the actual journey from order to finished jewellery takes place? Read more in the article The making of the Bend over”.

How long will it take?
The craftsmanship behind our exclusive made-to-order items requires a little more time to ensure the high quality. The second you place an order for a “Made to order” our work begins to complete your new jewellery. The times may vary, especially if the order includes more unusual stones or many different components.

You can see the earliest possible delivery date of your selected MTO product both when you select the size and at checkout. Due to our high requirements on gemstone quality, the delivery time of an ordered item may vary depending on supply and demand, but the most common waiting time from placing your order to delivery is approximately 4–8 weeks.

Quality before quantity
In order for our jewellery to maintain as high a quality as possible, we place high demands on both our material and our suppliers. All pieces are created in recycled silver and gold, and our diamonds are only of the Top Wesselton category, which are rare white diamonds and the second highest grade on the scale.

The clarity of the diamond is also a factor we take into account, i.e. how much your stones should sparkle. At Efva Attling Stockholm, we only use diamonds with the grading Very small inclusions (Vs) or higher, and for smaller diamonds we use stones with the classification Small Inclusions (si).

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Customize your wedding order
Efva's design is unique and all collections have a thought behind them, not least Efva's wedding collections which carry extra love. Should you fall in love with a design from Efva Attling but want to add that little something extra, you can add engraving or get larger stones for most wedding rings. The only thing you need to do is contact our Customer care before placing your order, and they will help you customize your order.


The making of the Bend over

Many of our rings are made to order by our goldsmiths in our atelier in Stockholm. Follow the journey to a real dream ring – the creation of the iconic cocktail ring Bend over.