In Efva's mind – Love

“I feel proud and honoured to be a designer for love” says Efva, “love conquers all”. This is clearly seen in Efva's design that has been characterized by loving jewellery, messages and wedding pieces for more than 20 years.
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A designer for love

“Love conquers all. Love is the most powerful force there is. And as long as you’re together with someone you love, you can do anything. This is true. Believe me, I know.” – Efva Attling

For almost 25 years, Efva Attling has designed jewellery in the name of love. Pieces and collections with strong messages on the theme of love, such as Amor Vincit Omnia, Love Knot, 101 days and You & Me. The collections hold jewellery that makes you, or the wearer of the jewellery, to think of your special someone, as a reminding symbol that you should always stay together.

During her years as a designer, Efva has, in addition to her classic jewellery collections, created an exclusive wedding collection with wedding and engagement rings for both him and her. In an industry that is otherwise very traditional, Efva tries to find the unique – in both the design and message. "I feel proud and honoured to be a designer for love," says Efva.

From loving interest to an eternal profession

Efva's interest in design was born during her young years as a child. “My grandmother was a seamstress, so I used to draw clothes that she then sewed for me. I think it’s always been a great driving force for me, to be able to be my own and to show my personality” says Efva. Today, the process for creating new jewellery looks similar - Efva sketches and designs, but the actual craftsmanship is done by our gold smiths in our atelier in Stockholm.

All our wedding rings are designed by Efva, and are in line with her vision of minimalistic and stylish rings with a unique expression. “I usually explain my thoughts about thickness, weight and the feeling the jewellery should have. Whether it should be angular or round, with gems and what metal I think of” Efva explains.

Say I do

That love is a common thread through Efva's design is also shown in our concept stores. Almost all stores have a so-called wedding corner, where couples that are about to get married sit down every week to find their future rings from the white wedding box that is filled with Efva's design.

“It’s an important moment in life, an engagement or a wedding. I want you to find your dream ring” says Efva. “There is so much joy involved, but also nervousness. Like blushing cheeks, you kind of feel it in the air. It’s wonderful. It's great to work with something so positive. And it’s so true, Amor Vincit Omnia, love conquers all. I know that, I’ve made that journey.”

Discover our wedding range below – new wedding rings in silver, but also classics in red and white gold. Maybe you’ll find your eternal love? If you have any questions regarding ring size or are looking for inspiration, contact our Customer Care via chat or by phone.

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