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Did you know that you can decorate your ”101 hoops” with our new charms? The styling options are endless – we’ll show you three ways to combine the new charms.
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The collection “101 days” contains of a pair of gold hoops and a pair of silver hoops that you can wear as they are, or decorate with charms. The charms are news from our latest fall collection, which is enriched with seven different variants, all to make it easy to mix, match and create your very own combinations based on your personal style.

Choose between charms in silver and gold, with diamonds or why not a topaz? Play it safe by wearing one colour or mix materials and colour to create an expressive look. If you are looking for more tips, we will present three different ways to match the new charms.

Sophisticated silver

It is far from boring to stick to one and the same colour when it comes to jewellery and clothes, it is rather a safe card that works extra well on days when you have no inspiration. Wearing pieces of jewellery in the same metal adds a stylish feeling to your outfit that works for all occasions.

Wear our “101 hoops” and put both the “Love bead charm” and the “Love bead long charm” in silver on to create a simple, yet eye-catching, touch to it thanks to the difference in level of the charms. If you still want that “little extra“ you can add a third charm in one ear (or both), for example the topaz or the little pearl.

Charmingly colourful

Some people want to complement their outfits and others want to emphasize their personality through their choice of jewellery. Whether you prefer “less is more” or “more is more”, a mix of materials, colour and size creates a playful jewellery look that complements and enhances your clothing choice for the day.

Choose one of our hoops and play with asymmetry and colour using a single charm in one ear and two in the other. Match our charm in topaz together with the long charm in silver behind. Let the beautiful “Natures unique charm” take place alone in the other ear. If you have more than two ear lobe piercings it is gorgeous to add a clean hoop earring next to the other.

Glossy gold

Is it really just diamonds that are a woman’s best friend? In that case, we would like to nominate gold as our second favourite which must mean that the ultimate combination is gold and diamonds, right? If the choice ends up on this combo, you never have to worry – it is classic and lasts a lifetime.

Put the gold hoops on and level it up with the small gold charm with diamonds together with the large pearl charm behind. Match it with the small gold charm and the little pearl in the other ear. A classy combination that is far from boring thanks to the size difference of the charms.

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101 days collection

How we style our hoops

Hoops should be a must-have investment since they work just as well for festive evenings as for everyday occasions. Get inspired by our way of styling these trendy pieces to find your own new favourite combinations.