Stack it, baby: how to style your stacking rings

Why we do have fingers? To adorn them with rings, of course! Whether you’d like to go for a minimalistic, classic or bold statement look, here are 3 tips on how to stack your rings for a personal style.
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  2. Stack it, baby: how to style your stacking rings

Beautifully decorated hands can be the perfect way to express yourself, and an easy way to perfect an outfit. Our new darlings, Love Beads in silver, are the perfect base to build your ring wardrobe on; they are nice to wear as solitaires and absolutely stunning to stack.

In the end, a perfectly styled hand is all about getting your personality to shine thru. We’ve put together 3 tips on how to style your favorite rings in line with your personal style. Enjoy!

The edgy but minimalistic

Create a beautiful, minimalistic expression by combining different finishes and textures in the same metal color. Stick to one or two colors of your choice. Choose what goes well with the colors of the clothes you prefer, for a coherent look. Like Love Beads in green and rose quartz; beautiful to style separately on different fingers, as well as stacked together with Love Beads Ring in silver.

Stacking multiple rings brings an interesting contrast to your styling and when combined with thinner rings on the other fingers, you’ll one step closer to create that personal signature look we’re all dreaming of.

To add the desired edge, a thinner ring, like Twisted Orbit Plain Ring can be the key. It’s delicate shank and twisted texture makes a good contrast to the smoother surfaces. For extra effect, wear many, separately and on different fingers. To cap it all, add a Love Bead & Stars Band, and you will never need to think about how to embellish your hands again.

Tip: Buy some of the rings in a smaller size and wear them on the top of your fingertips, for a modern and playful touch.

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Make your statement

Let your fingers do the speaking, use jewelry with symbols. Mix statement rings with messages close to your personal history or what you stand for, to create a personal look that really gets your message across.

Love Bead Ring in onyx, topaz, and silver is a great foundation to build from. Stack two of the rings together and wear the third one on the other hand, for a nice balance.

Add rings like Peace Ring, Slim Spine Ring and & Ring to create your unique look. Decorate the rest of your fingers with a thinner ring, like Twisted Orbit Plain Ring for that “more is more”-look.

Tip: Go for a bold, accent color, like blue topaz, and your silver rings will pop even more. Finish off with a matching manicure, and your hands will definitely be eye-catchers.

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The new classic

Do you dream of a classic yet sharp and personal look for your hands? We know, who doesn’t? The key is to mix rings with different metal colors. The old prejudice that you can’t mix silver and gold is long gone. To everyone’s luck, we think, considering how great the two metals go together.

Mix and match different rings from the Love Bead Collection to create a timeless look you’ll enjoy for many years. Create a base with Love Beads with colored stones in one or two colors, such as rose quartz and green quartz and accentuate it with Love Bead in onyx or silver. Love Bead Band is a nice way to add the gold color. Wear several at once and on different fingers for a more bold look.

Create a personal twist by stacking many rings together on the same finger. By wearing three rings on one finger, two on another and one or none on the third gives your styling a dynamic feel.

Complete the styling by adding some diamonds. Like the Love Bead Diamonds ring, or the alliance ring Love Bead & Stars Band, and you’ll have a set of rings you’ll never take off voluntary. And when already talking about outdated traditions – who says that a diamond-studded alliance ring can only be obtained in the event of a wedding?

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