Efva's Christmas favourites

Get inspired by Efva's own jewellery favourites right now – thoughtful pieces in silver and gold to wrap and give away to someone extra special this Christmas.
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All I want for Christmas ...

That Christmas will be different for many of us this year is a fact, so therefore we may all need something to cheer us up. Send a significant Christmas present to the person you’ve not been able to meet for a long time – someone special that you miss.

Jewellery on a wish list or wrapped as a gift is classic. And the gift can be used for a long time to come with a piece of jewellery with a loving message, a strengthening thought or as a reminder that brighter times await. Because that's exactly what Efva's design is about – pieces that evoke thoughts and feelings and contributes to the discussion.

Of all the collections, Efva has a few pieces that are extra close to her heart – which means a little extra, evokes special memories or is just so beautiful that they attract everyone's eyes. Be inspired by Efva's beloved Christmas favourites - maybe you’ll find the Christmas gift that tops your wish list or will be perfect to give to your wife?

Gold, glitter & glamour

Are you a fan of gold or silver? When it comes to choosing metal, we agree with Efva: "I have never been able to choose between silver or gold. Both are as beautiful, in their own way. But I’ll never say no to diamonds.”

That diamonds are a woman's best friend is probably true according to many of us. Some of Efva's jewellery favourites right now are sparkling like a beaming firework, which truly feels festive and suitable for Christmas ­– right?

Gold all the way:

Stunning silver

Everyday favourites that work anytime is silver jewellery in all forms and shapes, right? Get inspired by the classic Rose petal earrings, or the statement Funky chain bracelet – two pieces that really attract one’s attention.

Bold cuffs, thin rings or stylish silver hoops – we want it all. A simple piece of jewellery in silver to wear every day, or a larger piece for special happenings? Choose the jewellery that best matches your, or your special one’s personality.

Efva's silver favourites

Gifts that touch

Most jewellery in Efva's collections is enriched with strong messages with different themes. It can be anything from love, power and feminism to daring to stand up for one's opinions and be a good fellow human being.

Some of Efva's Christmas favourites are extra significant due to these strong messages. Maybe you have someone near you that you want to give a little extra strength to, or remind your partner that you two are linked together by love?

Thoughtful pieces:

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