Discover FW22: autumn news

Among our autumn novelties, you will find both balance and sharpness. Discover the news from the FW22 collection and take part of Efva's thoughts behind the design.
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Several of the news this season flirt with music, while also being timelessly elegant. When Efva describes the autumn news, she says: “My autumn collection is influenced by important messages, dreamy trend pieces and classic design in both silver, gold and diamonds. And pearls, of course, which is a trend still going strong.”

The “Crémant collection” has drawn inspiration from rock music aesthetics, with bubbles in the form of studs. “What would life be without bubbles! I have named my bubbles 'Crémant', after the French sparkling wine. The cool bubbles look like cocky studs,” says Efva when she explains the idea behind the new collection. For Efva, who grew up in a musical family and has a music career behind her, music is of great importance to her work and inspires much of her design. “Often I’ll find inspiration from music, songs I love.” Efva shares. “Stairway to Heaven” has also been inspired by music, the collection pays tribute to Led Zeppelin's immortal hit song while at the same time makes you think of the Art Déco design movement thanks to its geometrical form.

Balance and double trouble

A new long-awaited favorite is “Balance”, jewellery with pearls in playful balance. “Balance” consists of two pairs of earrings and a necklace. “My absolute favorite pearls are the 'Balance earrings'.” Efva tells. As we seek harmony in life, these earrings balance softly and beautifully in your ears.”

The “Double Trouble” collection comes with necklaces and earrings in red or white gold with diamonds, as well as smooth variants in red gold. “Double trouble is double E’s in a beautiful formation,” says Efva.

All about FW22

In the cocktail ring category, we find the new “Dancing Pearl ring”. “I am so in love with the “Dancing Pearl ring” says Efva. “This 'little bon bon' is like a piece of candy, absolutely irresistible. With the stunning pink kunzite and the little pearl ring dancing underneath… what every girl wants!”

From irresistible “Dancing Pearl” to colorful “Ocean Dream” or discreet “Mini Hoops”. Our autumn news contains great variety and something for everybody’s taste. Regardless of what you want to say with your accessories, you will hopefully find what you are looking for in FW22.

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