Beautiful earrings are easy to match with every occasion – a pair for every day and every mood. At Efva Attling Stockholm there are different earrings in gold and white gold, with pearls and diamonds, plain ones in silver or with different gemstones.

Find the pair that fits you today: earrings with a pin, earrings with a hook, creoles – large and small. Let them sparkle and compete with your eyes for attention – or choose a more discreet pair that only peeps out and remind the world that less is (sometimes) more.

In our stores there is possible to buy Efva Attling earring as half a pair or as a whole pair. We have an assortment of statement earrings that are as beautiful whether you’d like to wear them as a pair or if you’d like a large earring in one ear paired with several smaller ones in the other ear. Cool earrings can be matched classically, elegant or maxed out edgy.

Earrings from Efva Attling can be matched with jewellery from the same collection or with pieces from any of the other collections. Popular Attling earrings are "Thin curve ear" and "Viking ear" that looks as good paired with the thin necklace "Love knot necklace" as with the ring "Balls ring". Each person's choice of earring is as unique as how you choose to style it – there is no record of what is right or wrong. Dare to match a pair of elegant earrings with a statement ring to create contrasts.

A pair of beautiful earrings is often an appreciated gift for your partner, friend, or parent. And no two pairs are alike, therefore it can be difficult to know which earrings are "the one".

A first step is to consider whether the person who will receive the gift usually wears jewellery in silver or gold. After that, you can take a look at our gift guides that will provide you with inspiration. A pair of classic earrings or ones with a trendy touch is often a safe bet and a popular choice, whether for a parent or a partner.