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Carat – the weight of the diamond

Carat is perhaps the diamond-related expression that most people are familiar with. But contrary to popular belief, carat does not describe the size of the diamond. We will give you the facts here.

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CUT – how the diamond gets its shape

There are a number of different ways to cut a diamond, and we offer most of them. Learn more about the benefits of the different cuts and which one you should go for, to get the most bling for the buck.

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Everything you need to know about diamonds

The diamond is one of our most cherished symbols of everlasting love. But the biggest diamond does not always mean the largest carat, and not all diamonds are as sparkly as you might think. We’ll guide you through everything you need to know to feel confident in your choice.

Colour of the diamond

There are many factors that affect the price for a diamond, one of them is the colour of the diamond. Learn everything you need to know to feel safe before your diamond purchase.

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The Clarity of the diamond

All real diamonds are unique, and very few are absolutely perfect. Learn more about the clarity of the diamond, and how to be sure that your new diamond will sparkle just as much as you would like.

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The difference between natural and lab-grown diamonds

When investing in jewellery with diamonds, you should know that there are two different types of diamonds – natural and lab-grown. But what exactly is the difference?