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Behind Beauty with a Thought

Efva was only eleven years old when she created her first piece of jewelry in silver. It was the first step into a world that later would become her unique design universe. The love for mankind, the written word and beautiful shapes permeates all her design, today worn by men and women all over the world.

Biografi - Efva Attling Stockholm

It all began with a swan. A thin bracelet in silver, inspired by the swan's elegant shapes. Efva was only eleven years old when she made her first piece of jewelry – and little did she know that it was jewelry that would be her great success later in life. At the age of 16 she was a pupil of Bengt Liljedahl, one of Sweden's greatest silversmiths, the love for the craftsmanship was born. But it would take more than 25 years before she came back to designing jewelry.

Biografi - Efva Attling Stockholm

Efva grew up in a musical family in Högdalen, Stockholm, together with four sisters, a mum and a dad. Her dad was a pastry cook and part time jazz musician. The way music and words touches and inspires people, has always been important for Efva, and this is what her concept "Beauty with a thought" is based on.


At the age of 17, Efva was discovered by legendary Eileen Ford, founder of Ford Models Model Agency. Efva was signed to the agency and the assignments in Paris, Milan, London and New York started to reveal each other. A 12 years long modelling career took off with prestigious assignments for customers like Vogue and Fendi became part of her everyday life.

Biograf - Efva Attling Stockholm

But eventually Efva felt it was time to change careers and in 1981 she formed the pop group 'X-models'. The band had a big hit with the ballad that Efva composed and wrote the lyrics for, "Two of us". She received two gold records for the song, and today it is a Swedish classic. At this point, she also designed clothes for company’s' like Levi's and H&M and had her own brand for maternity clothes, Pretty Pregnant.

“I want to boost people with my design and let the jewelry be conversation pieces”

–Efva Attling


Since year 1996, Efva is back where she once started - with silver, gold, diamonds and gemstones. The love for words and music is clear and each collection has its own message. The design is characterized by modern elegance with an edgy twist, or as Efva describes it herself; "Beauty with a thought". Its humor mixed with seriousness and love; "I still want to touch people, the same way I did when I wrote lyrics", she explains. "I want to boost people with my design and let the jewelry be conversation pieces.

I've got balls - Efva Attling Stockholm 
Define Normal - Efva Attling Stockholm  
Bend over - Efva Attling Stockholm  

Efva opened her first combined boutique and studio on Hornsgatan in the arty southern part of central Stockholm. Efva's jewelry fast became a must-have among Swedens it-people. When Madonna wore the necklace "Homo Sapiens" (“the knowing man” in Latin) , the wide spread recognition and PR hype was officially underway. Many other well-known personalities have been seen in the jewelry over the years, including Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Aniston, Meryl Streep, Uma Thurman, Iman, Angelina Jolie, Katy Perry and Alicia Wikander.


Today Efva Attling Stockholm runs 9 concept stores, located in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmoe, Helsinki, and Espoo in Finland. The brand is also represented by more than 200 retailers worldwide.


Over the years Efva has been awarded with a number of prizes for her work. Most recently with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Swedish ELLE Gala 2018 with the motivation: "A dynamic multicreator whose style-proof design embodies the most important moments of life. She has created a truly creative universe characterized by love, passion and positive messages. She has placed Swedish jewelry design on the international map."

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