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What is Fairtrade Gold? And what kind of gold do we use in our jewellery? Learn more about Fairtrade-certified gold, and why we choose to work with recycled gold instead in our atelier in Stockholm.
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What is Fairtrade Gold?
As a goldsmith, it’s been possible to buy Fairtrade-certified gold in Sweden since 2014. The Fairtrade certificate makes sure that the gold is newly produced in small-scale mining organizations that must live up to a number of requirements. The gold must, for example, be mined in a responsible way that enables miners to achieve environmental, economic, and social development in the local community.

There is a great need for better and more safe working conditions in the mining sector. Therefore, it is a good alternative for goldsmiths who want to use newly broken gold, to use Fairtrade-certified gold in their jewellery. This way, they contribute to improving working and living conditions for employees in countries where gold is mined – which usually takes place in countries with widespread poverty.

What type of gold does Efva Attling Stockholm use?
At Efva Attling Stockholm, our basic view is that Fairtrade is a good alternative if you want to use newly broken gold. But since we have an excess of gold in the jewellery industry and the earth's gold resources begin to run out, we choose to produce our pieces of jewellery with recycled gold instead, as this is the most energy-efficient way.

Read more about the materials used in our jewellery, and how we work with CSR here.


Facts about our materials

When investing in an exclusive piece of jewellery from Efva Attling Stockholm, it’s good to know that different materials have different characteristics and colours. Here you can learn more about some of the materials that our goldsmiths work with in our atelier in Stockholm.