Celebrating: “Soft tear/Happy tear”

Take part in the personal story behind one of Efva's first collections, “Tear”. Pieces of jewellery that with their strong message has laid the foundation for Efva's design universe, which she today calls “Beauty with a thought”.
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Before “Beauty with a thought”

As a child, Efva did not know that jewellery would be her success in life. She was only eleven years old when she designed her first piece of jewellery – a bracelet in metal, that she called “The Swan”. As a 16-year-old, she got a job as an apprentice with one of Sweden's foremost goldsmiths and silversmiths – Bengt Liljedahl.

As a 17-year-old, she was hired as a model at the agency Ford Models and worked in the big fashion cities around the world and her career as a silversmith was put on hold. After 12 years as a model, Efva changed course again. In 1981 she formed the group X-models, which got a big hit with the song “Two of us” – a song that a couple of years ago ended up on the charts again when the Swedish artists Janice and Ji Nilsson did a cover on it. “Two of Us” has become a Swedish classic and is often played in both commercials and in movies.

The story behind the “Tear” collection

“In 1992–1993 I was on tour” says Efva. “We were different female artists where one of us was Louise Hoffsten. We had a lot of fun and laughed a lot together.” A couple of years later, Efva was back where it started – as a jewellery designer in her atelier on Södermalm in Stockholm.

“Louise lived next door to my studio on Hornsgatan”, Efva continues. “One day she came by and told me that she had been diagnosed with MS (Multiple sclerosis). We cried a little. Louise wanted me to design a piece of jewellery for her. Just when she left the studio, I got the idea to do ‘Happy tears’. We, who have had so much fun and laughed so the tears flowed.”

25 years as a jewellery designer

For 25 years, Efva has created a universe that is filled with so much more than just jewellery. Here are pieces that can touch, boost and not least be part of a change – personal as well as for the society. Pieces of jewellery that becomes one with the wearer and strengthens one’s personality, opinions, or mood. Efva calls it “Beauty with a thought”, and just like when she wrote lyrics, she wants to touch people. This is already clearly visible in Tears, which also is one of her very first collections.

In addition to its timeless design that feels as modern today as when it was created, the jewellery in the collection also carries a consolation: “Tears are not only sad tears but also tears of joy. ‘Always Look at the Bright Side of Life’ as Monty Python sang. Even in difficult times, we must keep our hope alive.”

“No sad tears - only happy tears.” – Efva Attling

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