Celebrating: “Take no shit”

In connection with our 25th anniversary, the “Take no shit” collection is chosen by Efva as one of the collections that meant a little extra. Read about the collection which, since its launch in 2014, has raised more than one million Swedish kronor for Bris' important work.
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Efva, about “Take no shit”

“My thought with the ‘Take no shit’ message is to give strength, to get the courage to stand up for yourself, not to be offended”– Efva Attling

“No one should step on you… No one should look down on you… You should not have to take shit! Not everyone gets respect” says Efva. “There are so many children who are, or will be, treated badly in their own home, where they should feel the safest. I collaborate with Bris – a Swedish organization where curators are present and listen. I know that there are so many children and young people who suffer. Children with lousy role models, so then a conversation can be the beginning of a change. My idea with the Take No Shit collection is that it should be a piece of reminder. To help strengthen your self-esteem and to work on gaining respect.”

In favour of Bris

In 2014, the Take no shit collection was launched for the benefit of Bris, since then it has raised over one million kronor. Their business is completely dependent on the contribution from individuals and companies, donors and investment funds. The money raised goes, among other things, to hire counsellors who can help and support the children and young people who call Bris.

Today, the Take no shit collection consists of pendants, rings, earrings and bracelets in silver and gold. The collection also includes t-shirts in white and black for both men and women. For each product sold, 100 SEK goes to Bris to support the children's rights in society.

During the pandemic, the anxiety and questions about the Coronavirus have grown among both children and young people. When isolation becomes the norm, it contributes to more trouble and vulnerability. For the children who were already in a vulnerable situation before the pandemic, it has become particularly challenging. Bris therefore now invests a lot of its resources in giving more children the opportunity to talk to a counsellor.

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