Celebrating: “Moonwalk”

Efva Attling celebrates 25 years as a jewellery designer and we take a closer look at some of her most iconic collections. In 2010, the “Moonwalk” collection was released, containing pieces that today are modern classics – suitable for all ages, occasions and styles.
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“One of my own jewellery favourites is the Moonwalk bracelet.” tells Efva. “Here I have hammered, and worked out the flowing form with thoughts of Michael Jackson floating across the stage in his ‘moonwalk’. The shape and silver merge. The inspiration for the Moonwalk is also taken from the moon with its flowing landscape and craters. The fact that man set foot on the moon is proof that nothing is impossible.”

The collection

This iconic collection consists of cuffs, rings and hoops in silver. Three small pieces and three slightly larger ones that all have one thing in common – they breathe “statement” all the way. Silver pieces that, regardless of size, attracts the eye thanks to its unique structure.

If there are collections you want to collect, then Moonwalk is truly one of them. The jewellery is beautiful to match together, but also attracts attention as solitaires. These are pieces to give away or treat yourself with, jewellery to wear through life and create memories in. “Tiffany's big designer Elsa Peretti made The Bone bracelet I´ve got my Moonwalk” Efva says.

How to style it

That the Moonwalk Cuff is Efva's favourite, as well as the power women Ebba Kleberg von Sydow and Emilia de Poret a.k.a. “Säker Stil” – probably doesn’t surprise anyone. It is the perfect piece of jewellery to wear both for a gala, or to make a simpler outfit pop. For example, wear it alone over a long-sleeved sweater, or match it with our Little Moonwalk Hoops, and you are ready for a seamless transition from workday on to a more festive dinner party.

The thinner bracelet in the collection is an appreciated gift to give to the man in your life, and matches well with one or both of the rings. Giving a one-size-fits-all piece of jewellery to your partner also broadens your own jewellery wardrobe – why not borrow pieces from each other to create new exciting style combinations?

Hoops continue to stay trendy, and if there are some hoops you should invest in, it is a larger and a smaller variant. The big and small Moonwalk hoops are like the “little black dress” in the closet – pieces that will never go out of style. To take your look to the next level and follow the fashion trends right now, you can wear one of each Moonwalk hoop in different sizes next to each other to create just the right asymmetrical look.

All iconic pieces