Celebrating: “Limited”

Follow Efva's jewellery journey from 1996 and discover the silver jewellery that symbolizes our 25th anniversary – the limited silver bar.
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“I put strong expressions on my pieces because I want to boost people with my jewellery and that’s when they become conversation pieces. I call my designs Beauty with a thought.”– Efva Attling

Since 1996, Efva has been designing jewellery with a thought – pieces that have touched people for their creative design and strong messages, all over the world. That her jewellery collections are timeless is a fact, since pieces that were designed at the very beginning is still sold, worn and loved even today.

During her years as a jewellery designer, Efva has designed pieces that have only been released in a limited and numbered edition. Some of the jewellery was released around Christmas, others on special occasions. This year, we think it's a must to release a new limited piece of jewellery – as our 25th anniversary is a really special occasion that we want to celebrate with you.

Limited pieces over the years

In 2002, the first limited piece of jewellery was released – the charm bracelet Greatest Hits, and on our 10th anniversary, Champagne was launched, a set of a necklace and earrings decorated with 10 bubbles to celebrate 10 years. What makes our limited pieces extra special is that they come in uniquely designed boxes. Efva got the inspiration for the boxes from CD boxes. “My idea with the design is that music has been and is an important part of my life”, says Efva.

Some people collect stamps and others on vinyl records, but in the universe of Efva Attling there are customers who have collected our limited pieces and their boxes. Whether you are a collector or not, it’s never too late to invest in our pieces with strong messages – but if you want to get a hold of a limited piece of jewellery, you shouldn’t wait too long.

Efva, about her jewellery journey

“When I look back on my ‘jewellery journey’, it´s indescribable how fantastic and enriching it has been, and still is. A dream come true”, Efva says. “In 1996, goldsmiths had no young and cool customers. The Bismarck trend was over, and barely anyone did even sell pieces of jewellery in silver.”

“After my success with Madonna and Homo Sapiens, which meant a lot of PR, the top seller Camilla Falgén from Sundsvall reached out and started working with me. Camilla had worked with jewellery before and was a well-known saleswoman in the northern part of Sweden where her old customers trusted her, but in the south she had a harder time. Many of the goldsmiths thought that what Efva Attling did, they could do themselves. Yes, technically Camilla claimed, but not with the design and the idea behind it. Those who weren’t interested in my design at first, later on begged to become retailers. But since I didn’t want more than one retailer in each city, they had to be placed on a waiting list. Even today, many of my early retailers thank me, as my jewellery attracted new and younger customers which helped their business.”

“I want to celebrate 25 fantastic years with a silver bar in a limited edition of 499 numbered copies!” Efva greets.

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