Celebrating: “Angels”

During 25 years as a designer, Efva Attling has collaborated with a number of different aid organizations. The “Angels” collection is sold for the benefit of the Swedish Red Cross, and has for today raised more than 11 million SEK for the organization's important work.
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“I was asked if I wanted to design a gift to the Swedish princess Christina, as an acknowledgement for her time as chairman for the Swedish Red Cross”, Efva says. “I created a gold bracelet with a cross, which the princess has worn over the years.”

“The following year I was on holiday in Thailand. I was in Bangkok the day when the tsunami occurred. I was told that Anette, who was my finance manager back then, had lost her son, I was devastated. The next day I was able to go back to Sweden, with the second plane that took off from Bangkok. The plane was filled with people who had witnessed the disaster in Kao Lak, and survived. It was devastating to see, so many adults and children in shock. Some went home in just flip flops and swimwear, with all sorts of injuries to their bodies.”

“When I got home, I designed Angels, a pair of silver wings. I really wanted to give something back, to help rebuild the affected areas. To me, Angels are a thought to the children who didn’t have a chance, of the children who now are angels. I contacted the Swedish Red Cross and together we started a fundraiser. 

Today, the Angels collection consists of necklaces in gold and silver and a pair of silver earrings. Part of the proceeds from each sold piece goes to the work of the Swedish Red Cross. 

“I have been given the confidence to listen to many customers’ sad and touching stories about relatives they have lost, or who were present on that horrible day themselves. Many have also told me that the jewellery at that time became like a silent community, in the meeting with others who also wore it. Many of us know someone who has been affected by the nightmare in Kao Lak. I, myself have a friend who lost his whole family.”

Today the Angels collection has raised more than 11 million SEK for the work of the Swedish Red Cross.

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