Welcome 2021

A long-awaited 2021 is soon here, and our founder Efva Attling shares her thoughts and hope, for a brighter 2021.
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Welcome 2021

Yes, 2021 you are so welcome.
After a year full of darkness and anxiety I do have hope for 2021.
The vaccine is coming…
Biden, Harris and Buttigieg are coming…
The light is coming…

We Homo Sapiens are fantastic.
If there is a halt we´ll find a new way around it.
We find solutions…
And now we know even stronger…we need each other.

I want to give President Joe Biden HOPE cufflinks.
Kamala Harris Feminine Earrings.
Pete Buttigieg the Human ring.

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You can't cancel love

“I feel proud and honoured to be a designer for love” says Efva, “love conquers all”. This is clearly seen in Efva's design that has been characterized by loving jewellery, messages and wedding pieces for more than 20 years.