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Devils, magic and champagne bubbles. Discover our fall news 2020 – pieces in silver and gold with a playful design and strong messages with a hint of humour.
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Little Devil & Magic

The launch of our fall news is all about strong messages, where humour plays a leading role. It’s extra noticeable in the new pearl collection Little Devil, four pieces with freshwater pearls and an unexpected detail. This eye-catching twist that we’re talking about is the devil’s horn which appears up behind the pearl. Because as Efva says:” Sometimes you need to let the little devil in you out ;)“.

Our most enchanted piece, which attracts all the attention if you ask us, is the pendant from the new Magic collection. The Magic Pendant in silver is enriched with the message “Do you believe in Magic?”. The necklace is filled with a hundred white topazes that sparkle behind sapphire glass. Pure magic, right?

This is Blades

Swirling Blades captures your eye with its shiny & matte playfulness.”– Efva Attling

The Blades collection is also one of our news this fall, and comes with a bracelet, pendant, earrings and a necklace. “I love silver and how it changes expression if you have it polished or matt. My Blades collection is based on the reflection from the twisted silver. It gives a liveliness when it moves” says Efva.

All of FW20

In this fall collection, I have mixed morning dew, Dew drops with pieces in playful silver in the Blades collection. Humour with pearls that have small devil horns, Little devil. A magical pendant with one hundred glittering topazes. We celebrate with champagne bubbles and the dream ring called the Mrs!” says Efva.

In addition to the new collections, our "old but gold" collection Mini Me is expanded with three new earrings – two in sterling silver and a pair in gold. The jewellery in the collection is often much beloved and popular to give away. These little pieces carry strong words and works every day for all occasions. Which piece of jewellery will be your next every day favourite?

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