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Efva launches Whisky

In Collaboration with the Swedish Single Malt company Mackmyra, Efva Attling launches Moment Efva; an elegant Swedish malt whisky, stored in birch wine barrels. The whisky is developed in a creative collaboration between Efva and Mackmyras Master Blender, Angela D’Orazio, and will be sold in limited edition at the Swedish liquor monopoly, Systembolaget.

Efva Attling Moment Efva Event

“In 2002, Eva and I bought some casks of Mackmyra together with two friends. After five years, the whisky had matured and finally we could enjoy it. When Mackmyra asked me if I wanted to create my own whisky, I wanted it to be perfect, but also to be able to add my own design to the bottle."

Early from the start, Efva had a wish to produce a whisky with elements from the Nordics. “I’m a whisky lover and I’m incredibly happy to have had the opportunity to be a part of this collaboration. Visiting Bodå’s mine and all the whisky casks, together with Angela was a beautiful experience. The first time I tasted ‘my’ whisky, I know Angela could see that I was not completely satisfied. The whisky has a touch of birch sap, but I wanted to supplement it with a slightly rounder flavour. I tried it again a week later, and this time it was amazing.”

Efva Attling Moment Efva Event

Mackmyra Moment Efva is a tasty and spicy Swedish Malt Whisky that will be sold in limited edition. The nose is fruity, spicy, oaky with berries and notes of flowers, red berries, citrus, chocolate, ginger and pear fudge. The taste is fruity, with round notes of oak, slightly spicy, with tones of red berries, pear fudge and white pepper, soft tobacco leaves and vanilla. It has a light oily texture and is medium-bodied.  


"The cork is silver-colored, and the content of the bottle is gold of course!”

"Since I’ve had a Mackmyra injury a few times – well, not an actual injury, but sometimes I clasp my finger when I open or closes a bottle – I thought I would create a practical solution to the problem. I thought about M, as in Mackmyra and Moment. The letter M became part of the decoration on the cork. The design might also make you think of our Swedish mountains where the birches grow. And the cork is more grip-friendly now. Since I work a lot with silver, the cork is silver-coloured, and the content of the bottle is in gold of course.

Efva Attling Moment Efva

From September 11, you will be able to order Mackmyras Moment Efva from the Swedish Systembolagets' ordering range.

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