Engagement rings, wedding rings and unique jewelry from Efva Attling.



Efva's specialty is playing around with words and expressions. This gives another dimension to the jewelry. “As I used to write lyrics I still want to move people with words. I call my design 'Beauty with a Thought'”, she says.


Efva Attlings perfumes are hand-picked in every detail and made in one of France's oldest perfume houses, Robertet in Grasse - world leader in natural ingredients. The bottles are designed by Efva Attling in collaboration with Pierre Dinand.

Efva's perfumes are:

Amor Vincit Omnia - a scent of love.

Human - a scent made for all human beings.

Miss Butterfly - a scent made with a thought of love and how precious it is.

Watch the short from Efva's visit to Robertet in Grasse

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