Shape of a dream


Shape of a dream

"For the release of my ring Two of Us, based on my hit song from 1981 with the same title, I asked my friend Björn Ulvaeus of ABBA for help with translation of the lyrics. It was important for me to keep the same feeling and spirit of the original lyrics and Björn got back to me with brand new lyrics and a new title - Shape of a Dream! I found myself facing the challenge of creating a piece of jewelry that matched the new title, Shape of a Dream. And I ended up designing a completely new jewelry line with diamonds and white gold that included earings, a ring, and a necklace for galas, formal parties, and weddings. Who'd have guessed that Björn would end up working with jewelry?"

- Efva Attling

  • Woman
  • Gold White gold
  • diamonds Plain

Shape Of A Dream & Stars Ear
Shape Of A Dream & Stars Necklace.
Shape Of A Dream & Stars Ring.
Shape Of A Dream Ear - Vermeil
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