Press material


Press material

Important guidelines which govern the use of Mediabox material.

Photo material to be used by press or retailers for reproduction in a magazine or newspaper may be downloaded here. Please contact the marketing department at Efva Attling for the password at

Retailers using the material must seek approval from Efva Attling Stockholm before publishing.

No third party usage of this material is allowed. Photos may only be used in conjunction with advertising for Efva Attling and for articles about Efva Attling, where their connection to Efva Attling must be clearly stated.

Photographers: Mattias Edwall, Eric Satten, Pelle Bergström, Antoine Verglas, Pelle Söder, Charlotte Strömwall, Daniel Lindh, Philip Karlberg, Andreas Johansson, Marcus Hansen, Denise Grünstein, Åsa Tällgård, Sanna Dahlén.


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