Other designs


Other designs

Efva's creativity and knowledge is not limited to design of jewelry. Through the years, her artistic soul has been given the possibility to express itself in a variety of fields. Clothes, award-statuettes and cars are examples of objects in her constantly growing portfolio.


Efva Attling has been designing eyewear since 2002. She launched her first collection of spectacle frames and sunglasses later that same year.

 "Of course I like to design frames with an attitude. I see eyewear as a piece of jewelry too. And some of my jewelry is made to match the frames. My eyewear is for men and women, young and old. It's classical music meets rock'n roll", Efva explains.



In 2005 Orrefors offered Efva a partnership as an external designer - an offer she accepted with great excitement. Efva Attlings first collection for Orrefors, Amor Vincit Omnia, was released in 2006. Her second collection, Endless, was released in 2008. 

Amor Vincit Omnia is a collection that breathes luxury, togetherness, love and wedding gifts. The glasses are a stylish composition of two different materials - crystal and silver. Round the stem of each glass rests a hand-crafted silver ring, bearing the inscription Amor Vincit Omnia (Love conquers all in Latin). The glasses come in a luxurious silk package. The AVO collection consists of champagne glasses, wine glasses, a cake plate, candlesticks, martini glasses and a diamond edition called Champagne flute. The last one is a prestigeous glass for Orrefors, and the brightest star in the Amor Vincit Omnia collection. The ring, in white gold, is dotted with 36 brilliant-cut diamonds.

Endless is a true celebration of love. A ring floats deep inside the crystal clear glass bearing the romantic message From Here To Eternity. Many of us remember the 1950's film, with the famous love scene on the beach, starring Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr. A scene that has made the film epic. Endless captures the spirit of those times and the film, bringing the ring and crystal together in a loving union. The handmade crystal carries a passionate message of love at its heart, that is conveyed by the ring, the ultimate symbol of love. Endless consists of a vase, a bud vase, platters and a ring holder.



Efva Attling Stockholm supports the Swedish Red Cross with the jewelry Cross Bracelet and Angels. The Cross Bracelet was the initial piece done in cooperation with the Red Cross.

After the Tsunami catastrophe in 2004, Efva also made Angels, a silver pendant, in order to help the victims. Each sold unit contributes to good causes initiated by the Red Cross.

Since 2004 the jewelry have raised more than 10 million SEK.



In 2005, Efva was asked to design a bottle pourer in sterling silver for Absolut Vodka. She designed a bottle pourer and a shot glass with the symbolic Absolut A, but twisted it to make it more the Attling way. Underneath the shot glass is the word SKÅL (Cheers in Swedish) in stamped lettering.

The collection was named Absolut Attling and was produced in a limited edition, introduced in March 2005. The objects were found at selected restaurants throughout Sweden, including Café Opera and Berns in Stockholm.



In the spring of 2006, three Swedish artists got a request from the publishing house Månpocket to design a cover for a book. Efva Attling was one of them. The artists made one cover each, and the books were introduced in a special edition of 175 copies.

Efva Attling got the assignment to interpret Stieg Larsson's book Män som hatar kvinnor (English title The girl with the dragon tattoo), that later on became a movie.

  Män som Hatar Kvinnor


In 2008 Efva Attling designed the new Grammis trophy (Swedish version of the Grammy Awards), which was manufactured by Orrefors. Efva decided early on that she wanted to create a statuette that could be lifted with one hand in a victorious gesture, just like the award winners do at the prestigeous Academy Awards.

"Empire State Building meets Hötorget Tower with a musical touch, was my first thought. It also felt important that the star on top of the trophy be made of the finest platinum, the most valuable material available, so that the winner of the award really felt like a star. Not just for that evening, but forever" explained Efva Attling.

The trophy is casted in solid glass and the star on top of the trophy is made of platinum.

  Grammis Trophy


In 2008 Efva Attling designed a leather jacket for Jofama. "I love leather jackets. I´ve collected quite a few in different styles over the years, both brand new and second hand, which is why I didn`t hesitate for one second when Jofama asked me to design my very own jacket", Efva said.

"Having designed clothes in the 80´s for H&M and my own label, Pretty Pregnant, it was exciting to return to this experience when designing my Signature Jacket 2008. I would call it a luxurious biker jacket. It was available in four different models: in black or dark-creme lambnappa with a generous fur collar and cuffs made of Italian Toscana lamb in white, black and dark-creme".



In 2005 Efva was asked to design a car for Cliff Design & Development AB.

Cliff Design & Development AB have developed a new kind of service called "Visual Design Support", a service applied early in the design process to enable quick design visuals that look real. So, they asked Efva Attling if she would like to design something, anything, without any real assignment. Efva gladly accepted this invitation, and decided that she wanted to design a car.

"First I was afraid I was petrified, like the song I will survive begins. My life has been full of challenges so I thought why not when I got the question. It was amazing how fast my sketches came "alive" in 3D on the computer. To explain the design which is in your head to other people is not very easy. This is a fantastic way to proceed with the work of actually creating whatever your vision may be, and everybody will understand your design."

  Jewel - The Car