How to find your dream ring



Only you know what the wedding or engagement ring of your dreams looks like. But there is a huge range of rings to choose from, and just like clothes, there are many different styles, shapes, and trends. When the happy day comes and it’s time for you to choose your dream ring, we’ll help you find the right one.

Efva Attling Stockholm - Moment Efva

Traditionally, the wedding or engagement ring is a simple round gold band – a discreet jewelry that is worn more as a symbol of love than as a way of expressing a personal style. Nowadays there’s a huge range to choose from, and just like any other garment or piece of jewelry you’ll wear often, your wedding ring can be an expression of your personality and your own unique style. We have both engagement rings and wedding rings in many different styles, ranging from classic gold bands to more unique rings that stand out and attract attention.

Whether you go for a classic solitaire ring with a slightly larger diamond, a stylish alliance ring with several diamonds around the entire ring rail, an expressive multi-stone ring with a unique design, or a discreet plain ring, the most important thing is that you choose a ring for you. It’s something that you’ll wear every day and, hopefully, for a very long time.

Find the right shape

It’s important that you choose a ring that you enjoy wearing. There are many different types of rings and ring rails – rounded, angular, wide, narrow, tall, thin, or domed (i.e. thicker at the front, and thinner at the back). The shape that suits you depends on your hand and the shape of your fingers, the other rings and accessories that you usually wear, and what you feel comfortable with. The most important thing is that your dream ring is one that’s perfect for you.

Red or white gold

In addition to the shape of the ring, you need to know which metal best suits you and your personal style. We have wedding rings in 18 carat red gold and 18 carat white gold. Red gold is the most common and is what we in Sweden and the Nordic countries usually call “yellow gold”. It has a slightly warmer tone than pure gold and consists of a mixture – or alloy – of fine gold, copper, and silver. Pure 24 carat gold is too soft to be worked and so cannot be used to create durable jewelry, which is why we only use 18 carat gold.

You can also choose a ring in white gold, which is somewhat harder than red gold. White gold consists of an alloy of fine gold and the rare earth metal palladium, which is a platinum metal. The surface of our white gold rings is always treated with the element rhodium, which is another metal that gives the ring a whiter and shinier surface. This process is called rhodium plating.

Efva Attling Stockholm - You and me ring

All of our wedding and engagement rings are available in red or white gold, and depending on the metal you choose, the rings take on different expressions. Here is one of our popular rings, the You & Me Ring, in both red and white gold.

Diamonds and gemstones

Nowadays, many people choose a ring with diamonds as engagement or wedding ring, such as a stylish alliance ring with several smaller diamonds closely set around the ring rail like our Stars and Signature Thin Ring. Or how about an iconic solitaire ring with a large diamond that really stands out, such as the Dolce Vita Princess Ring.

Efva Attling Stockholm - Dolce Vita Princess Ring

We also have rings with black diamonds, which have become increasingly trendy in recent years. Then we have rings with other gems like amethyst, aquamarine, quartz, and sapphire. However, gems are more sensitive than diamonds, which means that such a ring is better suited as a morning gift than as a ring to wear every day.


To make your ring unique, you can engrave it. This could be a date, a name, or a quote that means something special to you and your partner. We offer machine engraving in two different fonts, one of which is available in both upper and lower case. We can also punch text on rings, which means that each letter is punched into the metal. This can be a little skew and uneven, but that’s also part of the charm of punched jewelry. Contact our Customer Support for more information. 

Book a personal viewing

If you and your partner want more tips and advice on how to choose your engagement ring or wedding rings, book a personal viewing at one of our concept stores.

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