Hommage Iris


Hommage Iris

The 93-year old American fashion icon Iris Apfel is
the inspiration behind Efvas eyewear Hommage à Iris.

"I've met Iris Apfel a couple of times in New York and we instantly connected. She is a 93 year old with a quick mind and sharp tongue. You could say 'she's a woman with balls' and it's so much fun to hang out with her. Inspired by her, and her hundreds of vintage eyewear from the 60s and 70s, I designed the frame 'Hommage à Iris' and travelled to Palm Beach where she and Carl (100-years old!) spend the winters.
Eva Dahlgren filmed an interview with me and Iris and photographed us
sitting on a park bench. When we were done we had a drink and Iris drank her speciality, carrot juice with vodka!"

Watch the film from when Efva met Iris >

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