Herkimer Diamonds

"Diamonds for everyone, beautifully made by mother nature
500 million years ago upstate New York!"
- Efva Attling

Herkimer Diamonds is really not a diamond, it's a quartz. The Herkimer Diamonds
are over 500 million years old and are only to be found in the Herkimer mine in
Herkimer County, New York. Every stone is handpicked and all stones,
regardless of size, has 18 facets and two points when it is mined from the ground.
And, it sparkles like a diamond. It's almost as if someone already had cut and
shaped the quartz in the underworld. Indians found the stone in Herkimer around
the Mohawk River and felt that it had a special power. For those who believe in
healing, the stone with it's two tips have extra power.

Efva went to meet Renee Shevat, the owner of the Herkimer mine,
who is the only female mine owner in the world.