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The Groom

We have a wide selection of wedding rings for men, but we also have cufflinks in silver or gold, with or without a message. We also have watches in steel or leather, and jewelry in silver, gold or leather.
  • Gold Silver White gold
  • diamonds Plain precious stones

20 Years Jubilee Watch - Leather
20 Years Jubilee Watch - Steel
4½ Ring
USD 220
7½ Ring
USD 2700
7½ Ring.
USD 280
Amor Fati Ring.
USD 2500
Amor Fati Ring.
USD 270
AVO Edge Ring.
USD 290
Baby Luck Pendant
Balls Cufflinks.
Big Oval Ring.
USD 290
Black Cufflinks
USD 350
Chain Chain Slim Ring.
From Here To Eternity Stamped Ring
From Here To Eternity Stamped Ring
Half Round Ring
USD 1400
Hooked On Simone Ring
Hope Ring
USD 290
Human Ring.
USD 4100
Irregular Ring
USD 2100
Irregular Ring.
USD 210
Irregular Slim Ring
Kärlek Plain Pendant.
Kärlek Wide Ring.
Love Bead Band
USD 680
Make Love Not War Ring.
Memento Leather Bracelet
Mojo Brace
USD 600
Mojo Wide Brace
USD 1100
Moonwalk Ring
USD 210
Moonwalk Wide Ring
My First - Leather.
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