Thoughtful gifts


Thoughtful gifts

We all want to find the perfect gift for our loved ones.
Efva's messages and thoughts imprinted on classic silver and gold jewelry
is the perfect, personal gift for all your loved ones –
whether boyfriend, girlfriend, mother, father, sister or brother.

A gift from Efva Attling Stockholm is a memorable and
exclusive gift to wear and enjoy for a lifetime.

  • Man Unisex Woman
  • Gold Silver White gold
  • diamonds & precious stones diamonds Plain precious stones

Love Knot Necklace
Love Knot Bracelet
Love Knot Ear
USD 120
Balls Long Earrings
Balls Earrings
USD 290
Little Moonwalk Cuff
Little Moonwalk Hoops
Organic Earrings
Organic Pendant
USD 370
Little Lovely Leaves Pendant
Lovely Leaves Earrings
Love Bead Ear - Silver
Love Bead Ear - Gold
Love Bead Long Necklace - Silver
Love Bead Long Necklace - Gold
Love Bead Necklace - Silver
Love Bead Necklace - Gold
Starflower Long Earrings
Starflower Ring.
USD 1200
Starflower Necklace
Tove With Love Necklace
Little Kaboom Ear
Kaboom Collier
USD 1300
Little Kaboom & Stars Ear
Kaboom & Stars Ring
60's Pearl Necklace
60's Pearl Ring
USD 370
60's Pearl Cuff
USD 510
Take No Shit Ear
Mini Twosome Ear
Mini Peace Ear
USD 120
Mini Pencez De Moy Ear
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