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Silver Rings

The plain ring in silver is a simple, yet precious choice - it's clean, modern, chic and timeless - all at the same time. The silver used in Efva Attling's design of silver rings, is a high quality nickel-free 925 Sterling silver.

  • Man Unisex Woman
  • Silver Silver/gold
  • diamonds & precious stones diamonds Plain precious stones

A Chocolate Dream Ring
A Purple Dream Ring
A Macaron Dream Ring
Funky & Stars Ring - Paparazzi
Don't Judge Ring.
Nature's Unique Ring
Little Take No Shit Ring
Take No Shit Ring
Little Navette Ring
Navette Double Ring
Navette Ring
USD 350
Pretty In Blue Ring.
A Green Dream Ring
A Rose Dream Ring
A Clear Dream Ring
Little Mother Of Pearl Ring - Pearl.
Starflower Ring.
Reflections Ring
Little Reflections Ring.
Little Kaboom Ring.
Captured Harmony Ring.
60's Pearl Ring
USD 350
Clouds Ring
USD 200
Chain Chain Slim Ring.
Hooked On Simone Ring
Dots Ring.
USD 240
Double Dots Ring.
Balls Ring
USD 400
Catch A Falling Star Ring.
Maui Ring
USD 290
Passion Cuffs Ring
Dancing Queen Ring.
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