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Throughout history, men have been associated with strength and bravery. Our jewelry for men, the collection Attling Man, is focusing on masculine and clean design in silver and black leather, and encourages our modern man to stand up for his beliefs and strive towards becoming a good person - by embracing a more tender side of himself.

Efva's thoughts works as affirmations and celebrate The Knowing Man, who is aware that true bravery is not measured in strength, but in love.

  • diamonds & precious stones diamonds Plain precious stones
  • Gold n Silver Silver/Leather White gold

Prince - Silver/Pink
Prince - Gold
USD 199
Respekt Pendant
USD 140
Take No Shit - Man
Take No Shit - Man
Thin Silver Brace - Don't Judge
Take No Shit Ring
Det finns bara en av mig - Man
Respekt Pin
USD 90
Feminists Take No Shit - Man II
Chain Cuff (Define Normal).
Little Moonwalk Cuff
Feminists Take No Shit - Man.
Link Chain D/C 0.6 mm - Vermeil
20 Years Jubilee Watch - Steel
20 Years Jubilee Watch - Leather
Black Cufflinks
USD 350
Balls Cufflinks.
Hope Leather Bracelet.
Chain Chain Slim Ring.
Chain Chain Leather Necklace.
Chain Chain Leather Bracelet.
Chain Chain Cuff
Paramour Thin Ring
Paramour Ring.
USD 1100
Paramour Wide & Thin Ring.
4½ & Stars Ring
USD 4200
Hooked On Simone Ring
It's Only Love Bracelet
Plain & Signature Thin Ring
Stars & Signature In Black Thin Ring
4½ & Black Stars Ring
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