Are you missing that extra detail that completes your look? Efva Attling designs accessories and fashion details with her distinct Scandinavian approach - refined and 'with a thought'.

Below, you find a selection of different silver and gold cufflinks, tie clips and other accessories, which completes the polished look, yet adds an 'edge', giving men the freedom to express themselves.

  • Man Unisex Woman
  • Gold Silver White gold
  • Plain precious stones

Det finns bara en av mig - Woman
Det finns bara en av mig - Man
Feminists Take No Shit - Woman II
Feminists Take No Shit - Man II
Looking For The Sun - Brown
Go For It - Black
Fashionista - Gold
Go For It - Havana
Pearl Star - Silver
Miami - Silver
USD 199
Scented Candle - Miss Butterfly
Scented Candle - Human
Scented Candle - Kaboom
Let The Sunshine In - Golden Brown.
Let The Sunshine In - Black/Gold.
Feminists Take No Shit - Man.
20 Years Jubilee Watch - Steel
20 Years Jubilee Watch - Leather
Perfume - Twosome
Perfume - Kaboom
Perfume - Rose Petals
Black Cufflinks
USD 400
Balls Cufflinks
USD 320
Perfume - Miss Butterfly
Bow Wow Wow Belt
Gnu Tiara
USD 620
Kaboom Tiara
USD 710
USD 375
Rainbow Freedom II T-shirt Man.
Rainbow Freedom II T-shirt Woman.
Perfume - Human
USD 165
Miss Butterfly Hairpin
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