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"I put strong expressions on my pieces because I want to boost people with my jewelry and that's when they become conversation pieces. You can say that some of the statement pieces are reflections of life. I am intrigued by all our differences and I believe what ties us all together is humour, music and love. I call my designs Beauty with a thought."

- Efva Attling

  • Man Unisex Woman
  • Gold Silver Silver/gold Silver/Leather White gold
  • diamonds & precious stones diamonds Plain precious stones

Det finns bara en av mig - Woman
Det finns bara en av mig - Man
Deco Thin Ring
USD 2800
Moonwalk Hoops
USD 370
Feminists Take No Shit - Woman II
Feminists Take No Shit - Man II
Pretty In Blue Necklace II
My Little Pearl Necklace
My Little Pearl Bracelet
My Little Pearl Earrings
Go For It - Black
Fashionista - Gold
Looking For The Sun - Brown
Pearl Star - Silver
Go For It - Havana
Miami - Silver
USD 199
Scented Candle - Miss Butterfly
Scented Candle - Human
Scented Candle - Kaboom
Little Miss Butterfly Necklace
Little Miss Butterfly Bracelet
Love Knot Necklace
Love Knot Bracelet
Love Knot Ear
USD 150
Mother Of Pearl Cuff - Onyx
Little Feminine Earrings
Little Feminine Pendant
Mother Of Pearl Collar
Feminine Pendant
Feminine Earrings
One Crystal Necklace
A Clear Dream Ear
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