This season Efva has been been inspired by beautiful shapes that surrounds us daily and created the collections Organic and Lovely Leaves. Efva has also created a big collection inspired by her fantasy flower - a collection called Starflower. Furthermore, additions to earlier collections has been made. Balls, Love Beads and Moonwalk has new pieces in the collection for this season.
These are some of the news that you will find here below.

  • Gold Silver White gold
  • Man Unisex Woman
  • diamonds Plain precious stones

Balls Long Earrings
Balls Earrings
USD 285
Chain Cuff (Define Normal)
Little Moonwalk Cuff
Little Moonwalk Hoops
Moonwalk Hoops
USD 345
Organic Earrings
Organic Pendant
USD 360
Little Lovely Leaves Earrings
Little Lovely Leaves Pendant
Lovely Leaves Earrings
Lovely Leaves Pendant
Deco Wedding Ring
Love Bead Ear - Silver
Love Bead Ear - Gold
Love Bead Long Necklace - Silver
Love Bead Long Necklace - Gold
Love Bead Necklace - Silver
Love Bead Necklace - Gold
Starflower & Stars Earrings
Starflower Long Earrings
Starflower Collier
Starflower & Stars Bracelet
Starflower & Stars Necklace
Starflower Ring
USD 190
Starflower Ring
USD 1180
Starflower & Stars Ring
Starflower Bracelet
Starflower Bracelet
Starflower Earrings
Starflower Earrings
Starflower Necklace
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