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Silver Necklaces

In this section we have gathered silver necklaces, pendants and amulettes in silver. Choose between different chains, links and lengths, to get the look you desire. For her silver necklace design, Efva uses semi-precious multicoloured gemstones like rock crystal, topaz, morganite, smokey quartz, amethyst and onyx, to enhance her expression.

  • Man Unisex Woman
  • Silver Silver/Leather
  • Plain precious stones

Pretty In Blue Necklace II
Little Miss Butterfly Necklace
Love Knot Necklace
Little Feminine Pendant
Mother Of Pearl Collar
Feminine Pendant
A Clear Dream Necklace
Mother Of Pearl Pendant
Little Miss Butterfly Air Necklace
Pretty In Blue Necklace
A Rose Dream Necklace
A Green Dream Necklace
Organic Pendant
USD 400
Little Lovely Leaves Pendant
Lovely Leaves Pendant
Love Bead Long Necklace - Silver
Love Bead Necklace - Silver
Starflower Collier
Chain Collar
USD 1100
Wisdom Necklace
USD 460
Tove With Love Necklace
Twisting Choker
USD 600
Reflections Long Necklace
Reflections Pendant
Twisting Pendant
Kaboom Collier
USD 1300
Kaboom Necklace
USD 300
Captured Harmony Pendant
60's Pearl Long Necklace
60's Pearl Necklace
Ten Necklace
USD 220
Clouds Long Necklace
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