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Necklaces for men

Necklaces for men - the collection ATTLING MAN is created in silver, detailed with leather and heavy chains. This selection of jewelry for men draws inspiration from us, human beings, and is, with modern objectives and thoughts, transformed into a complete, urban and masculine design.

  • Man Unisex Woman
  • Gold Silver Silver/Leather White gold
  • Plain precious stones

Chain Gang Leather Necklace
Viking Pendant Ring
Rainbow Freedom Pendant
Take No Shit - Large
Take No Shit
USD 140
Take No Shit
USD 1330
Roots Necklace
USD 280
Little Miss You Pendant
Miss You Pendant
Freedom & Fortune Pendant
Carpe Diem Pendant
Spine Pendant
USD 370
Plectrum Plain Pendant
ID ME Pendant
USD 325
Carpe Diem Monocle
Homo Sapiens Tags
Cross Pendant
USD 240
Kärlek Pendant
USD 270
Kärlek Plain Pendant
Little Cross Pendant
Heavy Medallion Pendant.
Baby Luck Pendant.
Homo Sapiens Necklace
Hope Pendant
USD 240
Thin Cross Pendant.
Little Thin Cross Pendant
Charms Pendant
USD 400
Midi Cross Pendant
Little Simon Cross Pendant
Carpe Diem Pendant
Little Hope Pendant
Baby Luck Pendant
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