Just like your loved ones, the necklace is always close to your heart. It can be a reflection of your thoughts. Whether you prefer casual or couture, necklace or pendant - take the opportunity and think. What is close to your heart?

This could be as simple as choosing between clean, modern silver and classy gold. It can also be more profound; Madonna wore the Homo Sapiens necklace while a whole world was watching; maybe this was her way to say that a superstar is just a normal person, the same species as the rest of us.

  • Man Unisex Woman
  • Gold Silver Silver/Leather White gold
  • diamonds & precious stones diamonds Plain precious stones

Love Necklace
USD 180
Mother Earth Pendant
Little Crazy Heart Pendant
Clouds Long Necklace.
Reach The Star & Stars Necklace.
Don't Judge Necklace.
Nature's Unique Pendant
Reach The Star Necklace.
Navette Necklace
With Love Necklace.
Native Necklace
USD 1700
With Love Necklace
Catch A Falling Star & Stars Necklace
Pretty In Blue Necklace II.
My Little Pearl Necklace
Little Miss Butterfly Necklace
Love Knot Necklace
Mother Of Pearl Collar.
A Clear Dream Necklace
Little Miss Butterfly Air Necklace
Pretty In Blue Necklace.
A Rose Dream Necklace
A Green Dream Necklace
Million Stars Necklace
Little Lovely Leaves Pendant
Lovely Leaves Pendant
Love Bead Long Necklace - Silver
Love Bead Long Necklace - Gold
Love Bead Necklace - Silver
Love Bead Necklace - Gold
Starflower Collier
Starflower & Stars Necklace
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