Gold Necklaces

A gold necklace is a classic jewelry that goes for every occasion - for everyday use, and for the party. Efva's design of gold necklaces with details, hearts, pendants, precious stones and diamonds make great gifts for someone you love, or to keep for yourself.

  • Unisex Woman
  • Gold White gold
  • diamonds & precious stones diamonds Plain precious stones

Miss Butterfly Air & Stars Collier
Little Rose Petal & Stars Pendant
Ten & Stars Necklace
Ten Necklace
USD 1180
Clouds & Stars Long Necklace
Clouds & Stars Necklace
Clouds Necklace
USD 1085
Miss Butterfly Heaven & Stars Collier
Dolce Vita Princess Necklace
Bend Over Pendant - Green Quartz
I Love Me Herkimer Necklace
Kisses & Stars Necklace
It's Only Love Necklace
Two Of Us Necklace
Here Comes The Sun Necklace
From Me To You Necklace
Kaboom & Stars Pendant
You & Me Necklace
Miss Butterfly & Stars Necklace
Little Miss Butterfly Necklace
Day Pearl & Stars Necklace
Love Bowl In Black Necklace
Love Bowl Necklace
Loop & Stars Necklace
Bianca & Stars Necklace
Swinging Love Bead Pendant
Take No Shit
USD 1240
Shape Of A Dream & Stars Necklace
Bend Over Pendant - Onyx
Love Beads Flow Necklace
Little Miss You Pendant
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