Jewelry in silver

Silver jewelry is a very timeless and appreciated gift, for everyone; Friends, parents, brothers & sisters, or someone else that you care about. It goes for all people and every occasion.

  • Man Unisex Woman
  • Silver Silver/Leather
  • diamonds & precious stones diamonds Plain precious stones

Captured Harmony Earrings
60's Pearl Earrings
Little Edge Earrings
Edge Earrings
USD 245
Edge Earcuff
USD 150
Clouds Ear
USD 135
Captured Harmony Pendant
60's Pearl Long Necklace
Edge Pendant
USD 235
60's Pearl Necklace
Ten Necklace
USD 190
Clouds Long Necklace
Clouds Necklace
USD 135
Captured Harmony Ring
60's Pearl Ring
USD 345
Edge Double Ring
Clouds Ring
USD 190
Black Cufflinks
USD 395
Balls Cufflinks
USD 300
60's Pearl Cuff
USD 440
Black Star Signet Ring
Ten Ear
USD 150
Girl Crush Necklace
Girl Crush Ear
USD 135
Hooked On Simone Earrings
Chain Gang Slim Ring
Chain Gang Ring
USD 285
Chain Gang Leather Necklace
Chain Gang Cuff - Black
Chain Gang Cuff
USD 375
Bow Wow Wow Belt
Kaboom Tiara
USD 705
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