Jewelry in gold

Here you will find all our jewelry in gold. Choose between beautiful earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings.

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  • Gold White gold
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Miss Butterfly Air & Stars Collier
Little Bend Over Ring - Onyx
Little Magic Star Ring - Green Quartz
Little Magic Star Ring - Aquamarine
Little Magic Star Ring - Onyx
Little Magic Star Ring - Rose Quartz
Little Rose Petal & Stars Earrings
Clouds & Stars Ear
Ten & Stars Ear
USD 1555
Ten Ear
USD 925
Clouds Ear
USD 470
Little Rose Petal & Stars Pendant
Ten & Stars Necklace
Ten Necklace
USD 1180
Clouds & Stars Long Necklace
Clouds & Stars Necklace
Clouds Necklace
USD 1085
Deco Thin Ring
USD 2750
Hello Sunshine Ring
Clouds Ring
USD 1180
Clouds & Stars Ring
Miss Butterfly Heaven & Stars Collier
P+ & Stars Ring
USD 4245
Dolce Vita Princess Necklace
P+ & Stars Earrings
Bend Over Pendant - Green Quartz
Chain Gang Slim Ring
I Love Me Herkimer Necklace
Crown Wedding Ring 1.0 ct
Crown Wedding Ring 0.50 ct
The Wedding Ring 0.40 ct
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