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Gold Earrings

We have an assortment of gold earrings in red or white gold, with pearls and diamonds and other precious details. Gold earrings are a sophisticated and elegant choice, and some of Efva's designs have already become modern classics.

  • Woman
  • Gold White gold
  • diamonds & precious stones diamonds Plain precious stones

My Little Pearl Earrings
Love Bead Ear - Gold
Starflower & Stars Earrings
Starflower Earrings
Three Shades Ear - Pink sapphire
Three Shades Ear - Onyx
Love Knot Ear
USD 770
Love Knot & Stars Ear
All The Stars Earrings
Little Kaboom & Stars Ear
Starflower Earrings Décor
Little Rose Petal & Stars Earrings
Clouds & Stars Ear
Ten & Stars Ear
USD 1555
Ten Ear
USD 925
Clouds Ear
USD 470
P+ & Stars Earrings
Mini Twosome Ear
Mini Pencez De Moy Ear
Dolce Vita Princess Ear
Kisses & Stars For Ears
You & Me Ear
USD 1600
Little Miss Butterfly & Stars Ear
Little Miss Butterfly Ear
Dots Ear
USD 510
Love Bowl In Black Ear.
Love Bowl Ear
USD 3600
Kaboom & Stars Ear
USD 11000
Viking & Stars Earrings
Catch A Falling Star Ear
Shape Of A Dream & Stars Ear
Day Pearl & Stars Ear
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