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Silver Bracelets

Efva started out as a young silversmith, so it's no wonder we have a very generous collection of silver bracelets; stiff silver bracelets, plain and simple, silver bangles or fine links with small details, berlocks and hearts, leather bracelets with silver plates - with messages, or plain for engraving of a personal text.

  • Man Unisex Woman
  • Silver Silver/Leather
  • diamonds Plain precious stones

Thin Silver Brace - Don't Judge
Don't Judge Cuff
With Love Bracelet
Pop Cuff
USD 540
Little Miss Butterfly Bracelet
Love Knot Bracelet
Mother Of Pearl Cuff - Onyx
Mother Of Pearl Cuff - Pearl
Chain Cuff (Define Normal)
Little Moonwalk Cuff
Starflower Bracelet
Reflections Bracelet
Twisting Cuff
USD 540
60's Pearl Cuff
USD 510
Chain Chain Leather Bracelet
Chain Chain Cuff
Hooked On Simone Cuff
It's Only Love Bracelet
Tear Cuff
USD 660
Silver Coin Bracelet
Two Of Us Bracelet
Lucy In The Sky Cuff
Tribute Bracelet
Catch A Falling Star Bracelet
Barcelona Cuff
USD 550
Link A Go-Go Bracelet
Roots Brace
USD 240
Thin Silver Brace
Viking Bracelet
USD 110
Balls Cuff
USD 770
Ultimate Love Bracelet
Mini Love Bracelet
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