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Gold bracelets

Elegant and timeless gold bracelets; thin gold links with semi-precious gemstones, stiff bangles with signature, chains with rings, details and diamonds or fine links with flowers and petals. A dedication to beautiful design, craftmanship and the highest of quality - experience Efva Attling's collection of bracelets in gold.

  • Unisex Woman
  • Gold White gold
  • diamonds Plain precious stones

With Love Bracelet
My Little Pearl Bracelet
Starflower & Stars Bracelet
Starflower Bracelet
Love Knot Bracelet
Mini Me Sans Peur Bracelet
Love Knot & Stars Bracelet
Mini Me You & Me Bracelet
Mini Me Hope Bracelet
I Love Me Herkimer Bracelet.
Mini Twosome Bracelet
Mini Pencez De Moy Bracelet
You & Me Bracelet
Little Miss Butterfly Bracelet
Mini Love Bracelet
Take No Shit
USD 1300
Mini Twosome & Stars Bracelet.
Love Bead Bracelet
Love Beads Flow Bracelet
Ring Chain & Stars Bracelet
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