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USD 3070
Full-length off-white dress with high neckline, covered buttons in the back and invisible zippers at the forearms of the sleeves.

The dress is available at:

• NK Personal Shopping, Hamngatan 18-20, Stockholm, +46 (0)8 762 88 80​
• Skräddarhuset, Fersens Väg 2, Malmö, +46 (0)8 91 00 25​
• Partyworld, Torggatan 6, Linköping, +46 (0)13-14 50 58
• Wedding Square, Södra Allègatan 1, Göteborg, +46 (0)31-253170​
• Åsa Design, Tage Wikströmsgatan 16, Grebbestad, +46 (0)70-565 27 76

• White Dress / Stockmann, Aleksanterinkatu 52B, Helsinki​,
  +358 400 379 369
• Boutique Beauty, Skolhusgatan 30 A 2, Vasa, +358 44 2520960

• Christiania Glasmagasin AS, Grensen 18, Oslo, +47 400 03 102

Material: polyester, silk
Efvas thought"A dress that makes you the wedding queen. Tight sleeves, pockets and a slit showing off a powder coloured silk lining."
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Article nr: 28-113-01146
Care Instructions
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Care Instructions

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General use and care instructions

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White gold jewelry

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Silver jewelry

Efva Attling Stockholm uses nickel free 925 silver. Silver can sometimes darken, i.e. become oxidized. This can be due to the minerals and salts secreted by the body and can be remedied using "Silver dip", a product available from specialist retailers.

Care instructions (specific) for Balls collection

Necklace and cuffs When cleaning, use only cloth. Do not dip in liquid, fluid into balls can cause damage to the jewelry. Rings and earrings Clean with polishing cloth but can also be dipped in more severe oxidation. General for the Balls collection After use, the jewelry should be wiped with a tack cloth or other soft cloth. When the jewelry is not used , it should be kept in its silk bag or box so no scratches occur during storage.


Pearls should be wiped after use with a lightly moistened cloth. To ensure they retain their luster it is important that they do not come into contact with substances that have a degreasing effect, such as perfume and dish soap. It is best to keep pearls covered (but avoid using cotton balls, which has a desiccating effect).

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