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“All my engagement and wedding jewelry is inspired by love. It's a fantastic feeling to design jewelry for such an important time in a person's life. This is the moment of great hope for everlasting love and these rings stay on the same hand for a very long time. I am honoured to be a designer for love.”

— Efva Attling

  • Unisex Woman
  • Gold Plain Gold with diamonds Silver Plain White gold Plain White gold with diamonds
  • diamonds Plain

Irregular Ring.
USD 210
4 Ring
USD 220
Amor Fati Ring.
USD 270
7 Ring.
USD 280
Now Or Never Ring.
AVO Edge Ring.
USD 290
Big Oval Ring.
USD 290
Love Bead Band
USD 680
Love Bead Ring - Gold
Plain & Signature Thin Ring
Rent a Wedding ring - Efva Attling Stockholm
Paramour Thin Ring
Viking Plain Ring
Paramour Ring.
USD 1100
Thin & I Love You On Top Ring
Paramour Wide & Thin Ring.
Soft Ring
USD 1400
Half Round Ring
USD 1400
Love Bead Ring - Diamonds
You & Me Ring
USD 1400
Forget Me Not Thin Ring
High & 4 Stars Thin Ring.
High Plain Ring.
USD 1500
High & 4 Stars Ring.
High & I Love You On Top Slim Ring.
Viking Wide Ring
USD 1500
4 Ring
USD 1700
Forget Me Not Ring
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Viking & Stars Ring
Smooth Ring
USD 1800
Irregular Slim Ring
Love Bead Wedding Ring 0.19 ct
You & Me Too Ring
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