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“All my engagement and wedding jewelry is inspired by love. It's a fantastic feeling to design jewelry for such an important time in a person's life. This is the moment of great hope for everlasting love and these rings stay on the same hand for a very long time. I am honoured to be a designer for love.”

— Efva Attling

  • Unisex Woman
  • Gold Plain Gold with diamonds Silver Plain White gold Plain White gold with diamonds
  • diamonds Plain

13 Stars & Signature
21 Stars & Signature Ring.
21 Stars & Signature Thin Ring
4 & Black Stars Ring
4 & Stars Ring
USD 4200
4 Ring
USD 1700
4 Ring
USD 220
7 Stars & Signature Ring
7 Ring
USD 2700
7 Ring.
USD 280
Rent a Wedding ring - Efva Attling Stockholm
Amor Fati Ring.
USD 2500
Amor Fati Ring.
USD 270
AVO Edge Ring.
USD 290
AVO Wedding Ring
USD 2200
Big Oval Ring.
USD 290
Big Oval Ring.
USD 3200
Big Stars & Signature Ring
Circle Of Love Ring I
Circle Of Love Ring II
Crown Wedding Ring 0.50 ct
Crown Wedding Ring 1.0 ct
Deco Thin Ring
USD 2500
Deco Wedding Ring
Dolce Vita Princess Ring 0.30 ct
Dolce Vita Princess Ring 0.40 ct
E Wedding Ring.
USD 3700
Forget Me Not Ring
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Forget Me Not Star Ring
Forget Me Not Thin Ring
From Here To Eternity Stamped Ring
Half Round & Stars On Side Ring
Half Round Ring
USD 1400
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