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Efvas watches combines a clean and classic Beauty with a thought design,
with clockworks of high quality. The collection includes various watches
with steel or leather bracelets. All watches have Swiss made automatic
movement, with or without chronograph, and sapphire glass protection.
The watches are like friendships and as many other
things in life – time reveals things real quality.

“In the western world, we say that time is passing and we are stressed
out by the fact that time is slipping away. In the East, the
expression ‘time will come’ gives a more relaxed and peaceful way
to consider time. You can’t force it. It gives us a more calm,
positive outlook on time. Think about that for a second.”

- Efva Attling

  • Man Unisex Woman

My First - Leather.
My First - Steel
Time Will Come - Steel.
20 Years Jubilee Watch - Steel
20 Years Jubilee Watch - Leather
Ring Chain Watch
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