You alone write the lyrics of your life. Earrings are especially easy to match for each occasion - one for each mood set. At Efva Attling Stockholm, we have a variety of earrings for you to choose from. Silver or gold, pearls or diamonds, plain or with different gemstones. Find your own pair for the day: stud earrings, hoop earrings, dangle earrings, hook earrings, big or small - who are you today?

Let them sparkle and compete with your eyes about the attention - or pick a discrete pair, and simply let them be there - reminding the world that less is (sometimes) more.

  • Unisex Woman
  • Gold Silver White gold
  • diamonds & precious stones diamonds Plain precious stones

Ziggy Ear
USD 250
You & Me Ear
USD 1400
With Love Ear.
USD 120
With Love Ear
USD 680
Waterdrops Ear.
USD 550
Waterdrops Ear
USD 160
Viking Earrings
USD 140
Viking & Stars Earrings
Twosome Earrings
Twosome Earrings
USD 1600
Twisting Earrings
Three Shades Ear - Pink sapphire.
Three Shades Ear - Onyx.
Thin Curve Ear
USD 200
Ten Ear
USD 170
Tears For Ears.
USD 210
Tears For Ears.
USD 1800
Take No Shit Ear
Swirl Earrings
USD 240
Swinging Love Beads - Topaz
Swinging Love Beads - Smokey Quartz.
Stud Star Ear
USD 2200
Starflower Long Earrings
Starflower Earrings.
Starflower Earrings
Starflower & Stars Earrings
Sleeping Beauty Ear
Silver Coin Earrings
Shape Of A Dream & Stars Ear
Seashell Ear.
USD 180
Rose Petal Fall Earrings.
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